The RCMT teaches mission critical skills in a completely safe, yet true-to-life environment. The trainer provides substantial cost savings over live training. Trainees practice helicopter communications, realistic gunnery and the physics of swinging loads in challenging scenarios that will likely arise in their future operations. The realism of the training environment is further enhanced with the accurate rendering of all other operators working within the simulator as avatars in the headset to reinforce the full-crew training experience, the importance of crew resource management, and coordination of tasks during operational missions.

Hoisting is a significant feature that can be accurately trained using the RCMT. The RCMT hoist uses actual speed, directionality and tension of cable, so crew can feel confident when using the hoist in the real world.

Trainees will also learn how to properly engage, lead and lag targets in a nonthreatening environment that offers enormous resource savings.


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Rear Crew Mission Trainer

Rescue Hoist Training System

Multipurpose Gunnery Mission Trainer